Dark Net Monitoring - Operated In Switzerland

It is our mission to protect your data and help you discover vulnerabilities and prevent everyone else from accessing or abusing your data.

We offer a variety of cyber intelligence and -security products as well as services to our private sector and government clients.
We support our customers in their continuous efforts to protect themselves and their partners and clients from account takeover (ATO) and other threats by monitoring their exposure originating in third-party data-breaches in real-time, globally. With our advanced proprietary search and analytics methodology, we are able to identify stolen and compromised data quickly and accurately, enabling our clients to remediate damages and secure their data and infrastructure.

Breach-data refers to any number of data points and elements stolen or leaked during or as a result of a third-party data breach and typically includes:
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Personally identifying information (PII) such as ID’s, health records, financial records, social security information, personal physical addresses and more
  • Credit card and bank account information
  • Personality profiles, activity histories
  • Chat & message logs
Third-party data breaches are events, during which a service provider you or your organization is or has been using, fails to sufficiently protect your data from unauthorized access. Whenever a third-party data breach does occur, it is critical to quickly understand the type of data that was stolen and whether your information may have been part of the breach so that you can take appropriate steps to contain the damage such as preventing further data sharing with the breached entity, prompt company-wide ad-hoc password changes given the tendency of humans to recycle passwords and using them in multiple places, as well as additional responses.

Although there are numerous international and regional regimes that mandate companies and other service providers to disclose data breaches in a timely manner, it often takes those subject to a data breach months if not years to discover and disclose data-theft. It is therefore critical for organizations to employ methods to discover leakage of their data directly and as soon as possible. CyberTell monitors a vast amount of activity, data, and actors in both the dark web and clearnet for potential exposure of your data and can alert you immediately, possibly even before the entity that was supposed to safeguard your information even recognizes that a data breach occurred.
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