We are creating a cyber-resilient future for small and medium-sized enterprises and local governments in the heart of German-speaking Switzerland.


Trainings & Workshops

CyberTell’s cybersecurity training is an essential safeguard in protecting your organization from the ever-evolving threats in the digital world. Our training is unique because it is specifically crafted for the needs of German-speaking Switzerland’s SMEs and communal administrations. We understand that every organization has its own set of challenges and vulnerabilities, which is why our workshops are customizable to fit your specific needs. We emphasize practical exercises, allowing participants to experience real cyber threat scenarios, and learn how to respond effectively. This practical, local-focused approach ensures that the skills and strategies learned are directly applicable to your organizational context.

Face-to-Face Training Beats E-Learning

Cybersecurity Made Accessible for All, Not Just IT Pros

Focused Solutions for SMEs and Municipal Governments

Real-World Scenarios, Practical Skills

Local Insight, Global Cybersecurity Standards

Beyond Training: Ongoing Support

Proactive Defense, Not Just Reaction


Monitoring & Support

CyberTell's Monitoring and Support services complement our in-depth trainings and workshops, forming a vital component of our cybersecurity offerings. Key to this pillar is our specialized dark net monitoring, where we diligently track potential threats and information breaches that could impact our clients. Our support is centered around providing ongoing insights and updates on the cyber threat landscape, particularly focusing on areas relevant to SMEs and communal governments. With CyberTell, clients receive not just education, but continuous backing in their cybersecurity journey, keeping them informed and prepared against evolving digital threats.


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