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85% of cyber attacks are due to human error


Approximately 85% of cyber attacks are attributed to human error, highlighting the critical importance of employee awareness in cybersecurity. By training your team to recognize the value of sensitive information and identify potential threats, such as phishing attempts, you play a pivotal role in preventing security breaches. Comprehensive awareness training not only enhances your employees' ability to detect and respond to cyber threats but also plays a crucial role in protecting the integrity of your organization’s data.


Proactive Protection for Your Business

Acting as the primary barrier between your organization's data and cybercriminals, employee vigilance is crucial. It's essential that your team is trained to spot and respond to cybersecurity red flags, effectively halting hacking attempts at their inception. Our training equips your employees with the necessary skills to act as a proactive defense, safeguarding your business's digital assets.

Helps Meet Compliance Regulations

Cybersecurity training isn't just about protection; it's also a compliance necessity. Many cyber insurance policies and regulatory frameworks, including the GDPR, mandate regular cybersecurity training for all staff. By partnering with CyberTell, your organization not only enhances its security posture but also aligns with essential compliance requirements, ensuring that you stay ahead in the realm of digital responsibility.

Nurtures a Culture of Awareness

Maintaining cybersecurity as a priority topic in your workplace is imperative, especially as cyber threats continue to grow each year. By fostering a culture of awareness and vigilance through our training programs, your team becomes more adept at recognizing and responding to potential cyber threats. This continuous awareness is key to building a resilient and informed workforce, ready to face the challenges of the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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